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It is nearly impossible to write a short blurb about fourteen year-old Kate – there is simply too much to say.  Perhaps this is because she is the only one who can converse easily in English.  Or perhaps it is because she is the elected Head Girl, the de facto third House mother, and in the top 3 of 80 at school despite a large gap in her education due to the loss of her mother at age 8.

Kate was originally teased at school for poor grades, but worked relentlessly to get to where she is.  She is the leader amongst the children, reads voraciously, recently discovered that she was afraid of snakes, and wants to become (and doubtlessly will become) a certified nurse.

Information provided by CHAT to the Future

What we are doing?

We’ve partnered with CHAT to the Future,
an organization that has been providing Kate,
and other children, with housing, food and
education. We love what the people at CHAT
are doing, and have made it our goal to provide
these kids with post-secondary education.

How can you help?

There are many ways to help!
Watch for our events, spread the word, and show up!
Wear our WRED clothing!
Volunteer to help with an event!

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