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Charles wrote to HUGS for Uganda, requesting sponsorship so that he would be able to attend secondary school and become a nurse. He has had a passion for sciences since he was a child, and has proved this passion through his grades.
He would like to join the medical field to help the people around him, especially those who are less fortunate.
“Through this profession, I will also make sure that sick people recover their diseases, without considering the payments first, because people in my country are very poor.”-Charles

What we are doing?

We’ve partnered with HUGS for Uganda,
an organization that is helping children
and teens, in Uganda, fulfill their dreams
of receiving the best education possible.

How can you help?

There are many ways to help!
Watch for our events, spread the word, and show up!
Wear our WRED clothing!
Volunteer to help with an event!

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